Our Story

CADA – Comprehensive Analytical Design Approach…this is the true essence of our firm.

Established and incorporated in 2013, our firm focuses on 2 of the top 5 requirements in design for most structures…Mechanical & Electrical.  Aiming to be comprehensive (including all or nearly all the elements or aspects of these systems) the in-house coordination process is typically more efficient.

The core personnel of CADA came together for a diverse multi-discipline practice.  We continuously train to be as knowledgeable as possible in the aspects of mechanical and electrical systems.  Combining Professional Engineers, Technologists and hands-on experienced tradesmen, we are able to technically analyze and apply practical reasoning into our design criteria.  Our goal is to identify issues early during the design phase.

Within the past 11 years, we have been involved in over 1100 projects in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.  We continue to strive towards engineering excellence, providing high-quality services at a competitive price while maintaining high standards and a focus on developing long-term client relationships.

523 W King Edward - Vancouver, B.C.
523 W King Edward – Vancouver, B.C. (Developer: Regent International Developments)

Our Approach

Our main focus at CADA is client satisfaction.  We take pride in all of our work and involvement with projects, most specially when our clients are pleased.

To keep our clients are happy, we do our best to ensure schedules are met, design criteria is within the target budget while as much as possible implementing innovative and sustainable considerations, all of which we clearly define at the start of every project.

Our principals and senior staff are involved with all projects from conceptual design to full completion, ensuring projects are always in good and capable hands.

Nothing is more satisfying to us than having clients who continuously come back, wanting to work with a pleasant and experienced team of consultants.